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What is the difference between Development Management and Project Management?

Development Management is often mistaken as the same function as Project Management. The reality is however that Project Management is a component of Development Management. Project Management is a more focused, specialist field that plans and manages the technical aspects within the property development lifecycle. Development Management on the other hand plans and manages all the aspects required during the property development lifecycle, i.e. project management, marketing and the financial management. Strategic planning is however critical within the Development Management […]

Understanding the interdependency of a project’s budget, program and cash flow:

Any property development project should always start with a comprehensive project feasibility that is converted into a project budget. The project budget determines the financial parameters within which the project must be delivered to be considered a financial success. The project program or schedule is a time, task and resource-based representative of what needs to happen practically within the legislative framework(s) to turn the project budget into tangible objects, i.e. infrastructure, buildings, etc. The project cash flow is the financial […]

Uplifting Communities Through Sustainable Integrated Developments

Low cost and sustainability are very often not associated with one another. Low cost, integrated and sustainable deployments are, however, possible – if they are planned holistically from day one. Integration is much more than just the integration of residential typologies (i.e. single storey with multi-storey walk-up units or residential with commercial/retail opportunities). It is also more than just integrating fully-, partially- and non-subsidised residential units into the same property development. True integration is established when you afford a community opportunity […]

Property Development – Achieving the Optimal ROI

When do you achieve the optimal Return on Investment in a property development? Development Management is often mistaken as a project management function only. Development Management actually entails a wider spectrum of expertise required to ensure that the processes required from a project management, marketing/sales and a financial management perspective of a development is optimally synchronised to ensure that: ·        the development is completed on time; ·        within budget; ·        the full scope is completed; ·        at the desired quality; and ·        the financial and […]