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What is the difference between Development Management and Project Management?

Development Management is often mistaken as the same function as Project Management. The reality is however that Project Management is a component of Development Management. Project Management is a more focused, specialist field that plans and manages the technical aspects within the property development lifecycle. Development Management on the other hand plans and manages all the aspects required during the property development lifecycle, i.e. project management, marketing and the financial management. Strategic planning is however critical within the Development Management sphere of responsibilities and is therefore required from day one to ensure that a well planned and co-ordinated approach are implemented on all aspects required.

To save on costs and overheads, some developers tend to expect the Development Manager and the Project Manager to be the same person. This can be achieved when the person has exceptional skills and experience and only on smaller projects that has limited variables. It is however essential that when it comes to larger, more complicated projects that the functions be split.

Project Managers tend to be sucked into the day to day problem solving required on any project, which leaves little or no room for the strategic management of the long-term goals and objectives and co-ordination between the technical, marketing and financial management required.

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